The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.
There is no speech or language where there voices is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.

Psalm 19:1-4 (NIV)

​Examining the Cosmos Course Materials

A study of the origins of the universe, the earth, and life itself in a manner that begins to reconcile, without compromise, the Truth of scripture and the discoveries of contemporary science.

 Presented from a scientific, biblical, creationist perspective

Course Synopsis

This course series is designed to help Christians integrate the enormous amount of information coming from the world of science with the words of the bible.

We will be examining .  .  .

  • Why Christians should care about the historic alliance between science and Christianity.
  • How worldviews are an important part of understanding what people believe about creation and the Bible; and how they affect an individuals’ views of the relationship between science and theology.
  • A testable creation model that enables us to evaluate both theological and scientific concepts from a Christian worldview.  This evaluation will demonstrate how both scripture and the facts of nature point to a specially created world and universe.
  • How Christians can effectively challenge the evolutionary paradigm, and help in resolving the debate regarding origins, the age of the universe, and Darwinian theory.
  • Some of the latest discoveries from the world of science that actually help confirm the extra-dimensional characteristics of the Creator God of the Bible.

Course material will include DVD’s and handouts from scholars Hugh Ross, Krista Bontrager, and Fazale Rana, as well as other experts from various scientific and theological fields. These scholars are a part of the Reasons to Believe ministry ( ) and the scientific community at large.  Links to these materials and ordering information is contained in the Individual Study Lesson section below. 

Examining the Cosmos sessions include the following major areas of study: 

  • Biblical material related to Creation
  • Relationship between general and special revelation
  • Scientific and Biblical data about the origin of the universe
  • Astronomical discoveries that the earth was designed for human life
  • Scientific and Biblical data on the age of the Earth
  • Scientific and Biblical data about the origin of life
  • Reliability of radiometric dating techniques
  • Biochemical design as a fingerprint for supernatural creation
  • Scientific and Biblical data about the origin of humanity
  • Scientific weakness of naturalistic evolution
  • Biblical material for Hope, Purpose and Ultimate Destiny of the Creation
  • Beyond the Cosmos, evidence for extra dimensional reality, that the Bible’s Message came from an extra-dimensional source
  • New Heaven and New Earth 

Session 1: Gods Two Part Harmony: Scripture & Nature
(click here for lesson outline)

Session 2: 
The Creation of the Universe    
(lesson outline)    (Ref. Document 1)   (Ref Document 2)

Session 3: 
Conditions On the Early Earth
(lesson outline)    (Ref. Document 3) 
Session 4:
Creation Days 1 and 2    
(lesson outline)   (Ref. Document 4)   (Ref Document 5)

Session 5:
Our Miraculous Moon 
(lesson outline)    (Ref. Document 6)

Session 6:
How Life Began
(lesson outline)    (Ref. Document 7)

Session 7:
Unlocking the Mystery of Life 
(lesson outline)    (Ref. Document 8)   (Ref. Document 9)

Session 8:
Creation Day 6 
(lesson outline)    (Ref. Document 10)   (Ref. Document 11)

Session 9:
Origin of Humanity 
(lesson outline)    (Ref. Document 12 )  (Ref. Document 13)   (Ref. Document 14)

Session 10:
The Journey of Man 
(lesson outline)    (Ref. Document 15 )   (Ref. Document 16 ) 

Session 11:
Humans are Different from All Others God Created 
(lesson outline)    (Ref. Document 17 ) 

Session 12:
DNA vs. The Book of Mormon 
(lesson outline)    (Ref. Document 18 )  (Living Hope Ministries Video)

Session 13:
Creation Day 7 
(lesson outline)   (Ref. Document 19 )   (Ref. Document 20 ) 

Session 14:
Dual Revelation ~ Harmony Between Nature & Scripture 
(lesson outline)   (Ref. Document 21 )    

Session 15:
The New Heavens and the New Earth 
(lesson outline)   (Ref. Document 22 )